Terms of Use

1. Disclaimer

These Terms of use (the "Terms") apply on this web site (kvittar.com, kvittar.se) held by Forty2 AB, Västergatan 16A, 211 21 Malmö, Sweden, corporate identity number 556922-9346.

By using Kvittar’s website and / or use of information provided on or through the site, you agree to that the Terms are binding for the visitor. If the Terms would be inconsistent with the terms of any service or product, the conditions for the product or service takes precedence over the Terms of Use. In this context, the term "sites" all internet media that Kvittar owns or provides (blogs, forums, wikis, etc.)..

Kvittars website is not aimed for persons who are prohibited by the laws of the country where they reside or where they are citizens from accessing the information on such sites. People who are forbidden to access the information or are not convinced that it is permissible for them to access the information are kindly requested to leave the site. If Kvittar consider (without Kvittar having to prove it) that the provision of services or products may be against the law or other regulations in the country of origin or in any other country, Kvittar will not provide the services or products to that person.

2. Processing of personal data

Personal information provided to Kvittar, in connection with entering this agreement, will be  processed by Kvittar, and / or other companies that Kvittar cooperates with. Account Holder agrees that Kvittar can use e-mail, social security number or phone number as account number in Kvittar’s systems.

Data processing is performed to Kvittar to administer the account and ensure that the service is fulfilled. Data processing includes, among other things, information about contacts with Kvittar (such as notes of questions, comments, agreements, etc.), details of any representatives and how the contract is fulfilled.

Kvittar handles the account holder’s personal data in accordance with the Swedish law about personal information PUL (https://lagen.nu/1998:204).

3. Restrictions on use of the website

Kvittar warrant that the site or the Internet services provided through the website will operate without interruption or interference. Information may be changed or removed without special notice. Kvittar provides their websites for customer use. Customers may download material from websites for non-commercial and personal use only provided that they retain all copyright and other proprietary rights in the material, see more about this in Chapter 5, Copyrights and Trademarks.

4. Responsibility for the account and communication with the account provider

The account is personal and may only be distributed by the account holder / s and those with approved access by the user and by Kvittars services for external sharing.

The account holder shall in the account agreement provide an e-mail and, if these are not provided, Kvittar reserves the right to cancel the contract immediately. Communication relating to use of the account can be made using the e-mail account holder of the account agreement specifies as its own. The Account Holder shall notify Kvittar if you suspect misuse of the account.

5. Copyrights and Trademarks

Kvittar holds the copyright © of all material on Kvittars websites unless otherwise stated. Material may not be used without prior written notice from Kvittar or third parties who have been involved in the design of the site.

Kvittar- or a third party, who made special reservation of the other - retains ownership, copyright and other intellectual property rights to the information on the website. All rights reserved in all countries. Publication, reproduction, transmission or storage of entire or part of the content without the right holder's permission is prohibited, except for storage on a computer or printed for personal use. The content on the site may be quoted to the extent permitted by applicable copyright laws. At quotations the source must be clearly indicated. Trademarks and logos appearing on this site may not be reproduced, published, or distributed without written consent if not provided on a press site. This condition applies to text, images, audio, graphics, design and logos. Information on Kvittars page and information stored may not be resold.

The dialogue that takes place in online media such as blogs, forums, wikis and similar on Kvittar’s site may just post material that they have rights to, or that they are entitled to enter in this way. A participant who submits materials in this way is assumed to admit that Kvittar, store, disseminate and publish the material. The information that you submit or send to Kvittar belongs to Kvittar

and you get no compensation for it. This includes all posts, comments, questions, e-mails or other data which you submit. Kvittar are entitled to use ideas, knowledge, techniques, or even inventions included in the information that you post or submit to us. If you want the materials that you have already sent in should be changed or removed, we will most likely meet your needs. However, we reserve the right not to do so.

6. The Account Holders Information

Receipts that are specifically linked to the account holder is owned by the account holder. Kvittar undertakes to save this information in a secure manner so that other parties can not come into contact with them. Kvittar reserves the right to use the information available on Kvittar. However Kvittar may not use it in such a way that it can be traced to a specific account or the account holder.

7. Limitation of Liability

Kvittars websites and their contents are provided as a service to you, for your personal use. Everything on the sites are provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. Use of information on this website is at your own risk. Kvittar shall not be responsible under any circumstances for any direct or indirect damage, cost, loss or liability which may arise as a result of the use of the website. Kvittar assumes no responsibility for and will not be liable for any damages to, or viruses that may infect computer equipment or other property resulting from access to or use of such sites or the transfer of any materials, data, text, images or audio from these websites, or originating in these sites. Kvittar assumes, therefore no liability for third parties.

8. Name and address change

If you for some reason need to recover your account, and no longer have access to registered e-mail account on Kvittar or by other circumstances can’t access your recover email, then Kvittar will need proof of that the account belongs to you. If Kvittar suspects that the one trying to recover the account isn’t the rightful owner, Kvittar can deny access to the account.

9. Fees and Payment

The fees for using Kvittar are regulated depending on which features the account holder use.  Unless otherwise specified, the account is free to use, with a limited number of functions.

10. Third Party

Terms between Kvittar and third party are regulated through other terms of use. The use of any third-party solutions are governed by their Terms of Service.

11. Termination / Transfer

Termination of the account can be made by account holders or their representatives. Time for termination is one month, but the customer is not entitled to a refund for monthly, annualized and quarterly fees. Kvittar owns the right to assign this Agreement and / or the right to pay to the other party with the approval from the customer.

12. Changes of use

Kvittar may at any time revise and update these Terms and copyright information. When this happens the account holder will be notified (but Kvittar reserves the right not to be responsible for that the customer is notified in the event that the customer did not read the information or that the information because of technical complications have not reached the customer). Information is always read on min.kvittar.se/agreement

13. Linking

If Kvittar provides links to third party websites, such link does not mean a recommendation or a guarantee from Kvittar regarding the services and products provided on or through such sites. Any use of such links is at your risk and Kvittar is not responsible for the content, use or availability of such web sites. Kvittar has not verified the truth, accuracy, fairness, reliability or completeness as to the content of such websites. So please observe the terms of use and copyright information that the owner of the third party website provide. Kvittar that links to third party websites does not automatically mean that we recommend these sites or the content or products on them.

14. Cookies

Kvittars website contains cookies. A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer when you visit a website. The text file is used among other things to facilitate the visitor's use of the Site.

15. Applicable law etc

Website and these Terms shall be construed and applied in accordance with Swedish law. Disputes arising from this site and these Terms shall be exclusively subject to the Swedish courts. This means that all users of Kvitars site is bound by the terms and conditions specified, including all laws and regulations relevant to the sites and the Internet.